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Ice & Snow Melt/Installation

De-Icing Salt Lake City

Ice dams can cause a very real hazard to a building’s exterior. The buildup of ice and snow can prevent proper drainage from happening on your roof. When the ice and snow backed up from the dam begins to accumulate, it creates pools of water that seep into the building and damage walls, ceilings and cause general structural damage. The primary sign of an ice dam is the telltale icicle hanging from the roof.

When Salt Lake City residents and businesses want to rectify the problem they are having with ice and snow buildup, they contact Centennial Electric LLC where we use our top quality heating tape and pads as an ice melt to provide long term relief.

Why Use an Ice Melt?

There are alternatives to ice melts, absolutely. Those alternatives, however, are incredibly time consuming, and can even be dangerous. Hanging ice can create falling hazards for people, pets, or property under the roof edge. Hacking at ice on the roof is not only an obvious falling hazard but can cause substantive damage to the roof itself, which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Laying down salt is hardly a better option as it is a temporary fix and can cause harm to any nearby vegetation. Purchasing an ice melt system is the most cost effective, long term option.

Heating Driveways and Roofs

Every home and business owner knows the frustration of having a buildup of ice or snow blocking them from using their driveway to the fullest. The ice melts that we provide are not simply for roofs, we also offer electric heating pads that can be installed in concrete to ensure that driveways and parking lots are ice and snow free. For the most efficient long term snow and ice removal solutions, Centennial Electric is Salt Lake City’s first choice.

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